With S. Gubajdulina

Biographical Information

Study : Conservatoire Brno - with Prof. Josef Jedlička, with Prof. Josef Doležal, with Prof. Josef Holub Janáček ś Academy of Music Arts Brno - with Prof. Antonín Moravec – violino with Prof.PhD Zdeněk Zouhar - composition

At the present time she is teaching at the Church Conservatoire in Kroměříž and together with her husband is a founder and principal organizer of the International Festival of Contemporary Arts with Spiritual Orientation which reached during 90 ties a high reputation among European musical events. Under the unfavorable political conditions in the Central Europe until 1989 she was an initiator of underground movement. After 1990 she develop a rich activity in the connection with the independent organization called the Artistic Initiative which is responsible for already numerous important projects of international consequences. She is a member of many leading artistic and culture organizations home and abroad /e.g. European Conference of Promoters of New Music in Amsterdam, SIAC France, Society for New Music in Prague, Society for Spiritual Music in Prague.../
Her wide own creative activity includes a numerous solo performances as an violinist, conductor / with specialization on almost exclusively contemporary works with a chamber ensembles/, composer.
About succesful organization work give evidence annual close cooperation with the Czech TV and Radio.

After 15 years of the existence of Festival FORFEST its activities are mentioned in some world summaries of new creative art e.g. Gaudeamus Amsterdam, British Music, Musical America, in the Czech foremost periodicals Hudební rozhledy, Opus Musicum. FORFEST has the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic with participation of other important institutions of the Czech social and cultural life. Festival cooperated and is in a permanent contact with elite creative formations and institutions both at home and abroad / Austria, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands- ECPNM, France, England, USA .../
During last 15 years she also closely cooperated with the institutions of national and world signification e.g., Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, , Czech Television, Czech Radio, PBC TELEVISION, British Council LONDON, GOETHE INSTITUTE PRAGUE, OPEN SOCIETY FUND Prague, Czech Music Fund ,The National Endowment for the Arts, The United States Information Agency, Arts International, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trust, , Historical Monuments Institute, Association of Fine Artists and Theorists of South East Moravia, School of Applied Arts Uherské Hradiště, Association CORPORA S Prague, Association for Spiritual Music Prague, Association for New Music, Prague Fund, Bohuslav Martinů Fund, Protective Association of Authors, Apex Change Amsterdam …

Contact: The Organization Committee of the Festival
Kojetínská 1425,767 01 KROMERIZ
TEL/FAX: +420-573 341 316
e-mail: forfest@quick.cz

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www.ecpnm.com  www.forfest.cz  www.unesco-ic.cz   www.hisvoice.cz  www.czechmusic.org, www.hudenirozhledy.scena.cz www.musica.cz www.muzikus.cz www.muzikontakt.muzikus.cz, www.sdmusic.cz/czmic www.hudba-kromeriz.cz www.mesto-kromeriz.cz www.labyrint.net www.mfdnes.cz www.rozhlas.cz/vltava www.vltava.rozhlas.cz www.azz.cz   www.nchf.cz www.gaudeamus.nl www.flc.jk.uni-linz.ac.at/ICCM/EHT.html www.mkcr.cz www.czech-tv.cz  www.opusmusicum.cz www.music-usa.org/nacusa-la/