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In Czech Republic does only compositional competition with a view to production of electroacoustic music, abroad there has been row competitions of electroacoustic and computer music, especially in the United States of America. In Europe among most considerable belongs to already conventional contests in the French Bourges and festival of contemporary computer art "Ars Electronica" in the Austrian Linz. Among its meaning and fame especially abroad ranges also ours competition Musica Nova, extract like international competition for autonomous artificial electroacoustic compositions. For the first time was renowned already before 38 years – in 1969. Regular distribution of contests Musica Nova since 1992 interlocks the Society for Electroacoustic Music in Prague, last year it was already after - fifteenth. Competition was so become prestigious forum in his enclosure not only at our place, but also throughout cultural world.

In the studio for experimental music of Czechoslovak Radio in Plzeň, in first professional electroacoustic studio in Czech Republic, was already in the year 1969 sequenced the international competition for best composition in field of concrete and electronic music under the name "MUSICA NOVA". Competitive jury worked in the constitution: chairman Edward Herzog, members Miloslav Kabeláč, Antonín Špelda, Vladimír Lébl, Zdeněk Barborka. To the contests was entered 22 compositions, 21 was jury under consideration; record jurassic proclaimed on January 1970.

First price in that competition got Rudolf Růžička behind composition "Gurges", second price Karel Odstrčil behind composition "Gandhi", third price Miroslav Hlaváč behind "Biochronos" and fourth price Arnošt Parsch behind "Transposizioni II". Honorary mention pronounced jury to Miloš Haase behind composition "Per aspera ad astra". Concert of the champion compositions was sequenced 9.February 1970 in the musical studio of Czechoslovak Radio in Plzeň.

After period promising development is past so - called “standardization” rise of electroacoustic music by head and shoulders interrupted. Production of electroacoustic and computer music be in wireless runnings pawn, in Czech lands vegetated only the electro acoustic studio in Plzeň Radio.

Electroacoustic music was sceptred cultural factor of last regime pent by the help of bans and restraint transaction to concerts; take in the radio broadcasting and in television, drawing on gramophonic boards also was otherwise underprivileged. Czech and Slovak electroacoustic musical production was reputable above all abroad; at our place a year ago 1989 extend especially form the musical “samizdat”. All society at that time suffered by the help of say about consonant silence liquidation of those directions musical production, that the champion independence, his - entity, artistic exercise and world-known of Czech music. Concern it not only modern, contemporary musical compositional directions, what be currently of electro acoustic and computer music, but also quite by other creative musical region, e.g. jazz.

After 1990 occurred situation, when was possibly set right mistakes of last cultural development among others also promotive of rise artistic musical divide by from areas electroacoustic and computer music form of creative competitions, that the doubtless raised focus especially young creators about this in late time by head and shoulders and without authorization pent musical art.

In the year 1992 readied Society for electroacoustic music in Czech Republic in conjunction with Czech musical fund and Czech Radio the international compositional competition for the best autonomous electroacoustic composition under the same title "Musica Nova". It was clerkish on the occasion of 30. Anniversary of rise of first Czechoslovak electroacoustic composition and 25. Anniversary of system of Studies for experimental music Czechoslovak in Plzeň Radio. This competition also carried out to honour sights of the main organizer of the first contests MUSICA NOVA practiced in the year 1969, whereby was founder and propagator of electroacoustic music at our place, professor Miloslav Kabeláč. His artistic production Kabeláč four - square built sidelong artists that the openly got off against occupation ours country in the year 1968 and resulting standards of the process. His work behind last regime wasn't possibility out operate nor on concert dais, nor in wireless transmission, row his be done exert largely only in western lands.

Terms of the completion compositional contests Musica Nova renowned in autumn 1992 and realized year 1993 presumed possibility of attendance assorted of autonomous electroacoustic compositions with usage live electronic, jazz elements, conventional tools and voices, synthesizers and alike. For cub and young composer was the intended independent category, in which have had bigger hope for obtaining awards.

To the competitive jury were lead companies for electroacoustic music nominative significant and experienced composers of electroacoustic divide by, musicologist, critics and sound masters, conversant region of the electro acoustic and computer music. Constitution competitive jurassic was next: Edward Herzog, honorary president of contests (like only living member of the jury of first contests MUSICA NOVA from year 1969), Karel Odstrčil, organizational chairman of contests, Rudolf Růžička, artistic chairman of competitive jury, Lenka Dohnalová, Miroslav Kaduch and Alois Piňos, members of the jury.

Competitive jurassic pick out from submitted compositions best works according to of several criteria. Members of the jury appraised near every competitive composition separately aesthetic impression like resulting of artistic appeal of whole works, structural depth evaluation of qualities and processing choice of electroacoustic sounds, formal cohesion and her influence over composition also authors hypothesized that technical championship at usage possibility of electroacoustic sound technology.

With the following years skirt terms of completion row changes and adjustments, most important regulations from last years however pays always. Competition for this year is extract in double categories; to the category „ A" is able to apply for author autonomous electroacoustic composition or her independent part that the is intended for reproduction, to the category „ B" book authors autonomous artificial composition or their independent parts, that are intended for instrumental or vocalic reading with company of electroacoustic music. Every author is able to apply for to the every category but one work about continuation at the most 20 minutes, whose realization was completed after 1.1.2004. Awards in both categories are: first money, honourable mentions, attendance in finale, special price to young composer to the 30 years and evaluations for Czech composers. Awards and honourable mentions will hand down winners during of festive concert in the presence of authors and official treats on December 2007 in Prague.

International jury for competition Musica Nova of late years worked behind of mine presidency in constitution: musicologist Lenka Dohnalova, that the is also director of contest, Rainer Bürck, chairman of German companies for electroacoustic music, Juraj Ďuriš, chairman of Centre for electroacoustic and computer music and leadership of Experimental studies of Slovak Radio in Bratislava, and Czech composers that the instruct electroacoustic music on university: Pavel Kopecký, Michal Košut and Milan Slavický. Sitting jury takes place always in autumn in the premises of Prague Filming academy of artistic art.

All competitors are obligatory add full recordings competitive compositions on specified porter and for needs jurassic artistic and technical description of compositions inclusive scores. After closure contests are all materials attempt life to the sound archive of the Czech Museum of Music in Prague, where's possibility recordings competitive compositions listen to, perhaps even borrowed. In file of the Czech Museum of Music are placed all the competitive works except of several incomplete vintages that the was far - gone at flood in August 2002 in file of the Musical Centrum house.

Number of all entered compositions from rise of contests Musica Nova (then from r.1969) to the last year's contests inclusive is tall story quantity – on the whole 1295 divide by, from that I estimate that the 5 - 10% compositions are works with spiritual sight. Mostly detect the Christian inspiration and texts, further also Jewish (Hebrew) and Buddhist texts and topics.

More detailed information on competition Musica Nova (e.g. protocols of champion divide by, entire wording terms of completion and lists of all compositions participants) is at disposal on internet in Czech ( and in English (

Lastly of mine colloquium benefit we listen to exhibits from recordings champion competitive compositions (all got honourable mentions), which am chose from inspiration from religious Christian areas. Except titles compositions it substantiates also used texts.

From the contests Musica Nova '98, which take part in 145 compositions authors from 32 different lands that'll from category divide by for instrumental or vocalic reading with company of electroacoustic music composition on Latin text named "Dies Sanctificatus" (Sainted Day) for mixed choir and computer created electroacoustic company that composed of American Scott Miller. Author at composition mostly inspired of Latin in a word „lux" (light), that the promotes also let-in note of composition and derive benefit from structures similar medieval polyphony. Interesting is pacific and tasteful connection of traditionally tractor of choir with electroacoustic music. The concert choir of the University in Saint Cloud that the sings Gregorian chant realized recording.

(Duration of whole composition 6:40)

In the year 2000 was in the competition Musica Nova under consideration 88 divides by from 27 lands. In category of autonomous electroacoustic music was appreciated composition „ Luke 2, 1-7" of Mario Valenti from Italy. Is inspired gospel of St. Luke, whereof handles about it, how on the basis order emperor Augusta about census take away Joseph with Mary from Nazareth to the Bethlehem, where Mary give birth Jesus. Composer applied for quotation of evangelic verses in the Old Greece and Italian. This material contrasty laid concrete strains like e.g. noise town transport, sound bagpipe, by forms tension that the symbolizes of composer need silence and intimacy that the be in of our time in town hardly satisfiable. Meanwhile what sounds actual sound environment, voice in German says "here isn't place for God and perhaps nor to you …" - according to words author by forms picture of our "small big drama in light of Christmas tradition."

(begins spoken text to the 4:00, whole composition 8:20)

In the competition Musica Nova 2001 behind attendance 63 compositions authors from 21 land in category of instrumental music with electroacoustic company successfully placed composition of the Italian Massimo Carlentini named „ Recycled" for flute and computer (on the flute plays Alessandro Marino). Author about it features: "Composition stem in need recycling, namely not only of paper, plastic, but also of other articles. Recycling of personal songwriter material of studio and castigation published sound material of different cultures. Motivation of works comes from conception of life in itself (be born, growth, die – recycle of himself in other human existence howsoever)". All sound material is line microphone to message „Gospels". A meaning is the flute in middle part piece, where stress its musical gesture expurgatory moment. Composition ends strains that symbolize of nature (artificial synthetic strains similar shout of locusts), and fragment of Gregorian chorale symbolizing inexplicable power of Holy Triad (in reality singing detects three times in horizontal and upright line, to trip our existence in belief).

(play from 10:30 to the end, whole composition 13:00)

Competition Musica Nova 2005 contained attendance 111 compositions from 32 lands. Category of the autonomous electro acoustic music brought success for the Macedonian composer, living in Australian, Robert Sazdov and his composition "Bogorodica 28.08". Title prompt, composition coming - out from sound adjustments music from original authors hypothesized that country – from the Macedonian instrumental folklore, from male church singing and female polyphony singing. (from start to the 3:20, whole composition 8:10)

Prof. Rudolf Růžička
composer, Chairman of the Society for Electroacoustic Music in Prague /CZ/

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