Ak.mal. Marek Trizuljak /SK-CZ/ – visual artist, Union of Visual Artists of Olomouc

The axis of this topic is following: Without realizing it, we're still culture of picture, of visual art. We carry with them a picture of the world. It is the picture that is associated with Christianity (and its roots in the Old Testament). When a person more likely and carefully reads the biblical texts found that they are very visual - there is hidden a great vision of the world and its tension. Some biblical pictures are fascinating: for example, "I saw someone on the clouds as the Son of Man" - "Heaven and Earth kissed and hope blossomed - or bones that come to life again and become living beings. The mountain on whose top glow. Temple, from which four rivers flow out to the four world directions. Heaven City, which descends to the ground, or Jesus on the Mount Tabor, when his robe whitened as pure light.


I was just so random recalled a few paintings, although the quotations are inaccurate. These are, in fact, in immense quantities. It is interesting that, for example Thomas Aquinas speaks of the creation of the world as a set of pictures - if you know more about those pictures and understand, you are fascinated by their beauty, and through them you can understand who is their Creator.


The picture - in a symbolic meaning - is the basis of artistic creation, drama, or films tend to have "first, second and third picture, etc." - the director Tarkovskij composed his films as a series of pictures that gradually light up and consisted of one to another until the monumental finale. In musical compositions, we find a strong footprint of "artistic picture", etc. Generally to say: artist can not create when he haven’t itself a basic picture of the world and its meaning.


We live in a time when an attack aimed at destruction of the picture looks as if it reached already its goal. Everything leads to the dismantling of the basic picture, which is replaced by the chaotic fragments of anything - it is a polystyrene over-fed, we have a full belly, we are sick of it, we can not even spend it, or disprove, and we are confused. We do want for nothing, nothing we can take proper and - despite saturation – we are starving. Attacks on the picture, which took place in the visual arts is nothing more than an echo of the basic attack, which is the essence of subversion attempt to subvert a culture, an attempt to finally destroy the concept of art as icons, pictures, through which a man looks at the sky and sees at least one into a small corner of heaven.


Restored picture with its original cultural and spiritual dimensions, is the answer to this now broken and squabbling time. The renewed contemplation and consultation as a joyous, joyous rediscovery of beauty of things. Restoring Hope…

The answer in not only a „blowing in the wind“, the answer is an icon, a comprehensive and fully optimistic vision of the world.

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