MA Tommy Barr / Ireland / - painter

A spiritual orientation

Duchovní orientace

MA Tommy Barr / Ireland / - painter


For Tommy Barr’s lecture at this year’s colloquium he took the theme of the festival, “a spiritual orientation”, as his subject. Tommy discussed the impact of spirituality in Irish visual arts as it evolved through four major eras, pre-historic, early Celtic, Christian and contemporary. Using images produced across four thousand years he was able to illustrate the slow but constant direction of travel. Deliberately leaving many questions unanswered and open for discussion Tommy’s lecture provided ample evidence of the true extent of the impact of spirituality on visual art.


Tommy’s lecture was accompanied by an exhibition of paintings in the Assembly Hall of the Chateau Kromeriz. The exhibition was part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Q Association. Tommy was grateful to have the opportunity to join with his many friends in the association in sharing their important historic moment. For the exhibition he chose to paint a series of trees, all of which have a particular significance or spiritual importance for the local people. The opening event for the exhibition was an interweaving of art and music, providing a fitting celebration for the many guests present.






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